Embedded Linux

Embedded Linux systems often have a steep learning curve just to get them up and running or to solve complex issues on new systems. Even with a good solid reference design, there is much to do in order to adapt the reference software to your own hardware. Signetik can help you adapt the kernel to your system and help develop drivers needed to control your specific peripherals. Once the system has been adapted, you will be able to develop your applications and algorithms using a stable development environment. Signetik can also help you address various issues you may be having on existing systems.

We can provide the following and more!

  • Embedded Linux board bring-up.
  • Driver development.
  • System troubleshooting. Stability and performance.
  • Power saving modes for various levels of sleep.
  • System updates support allowing for fail-safe updates with backup boot images always available.
  • Internet of things support, including WIFI, Bluetooth, and server side support.
  • System pruning and robustness (auto clean partitions, partition safety and recreation, user and factory data partitioning with backups).
  • and more...

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