Professional Embedded Consultants

Internet of Things
sensors, gateways, network, web, ...
Embedded Linux Expert Consultants
professional support at a reasonable price
Embedded Systems Board Bring-up
we do the tough stuff, saving you time and money
Debug and Optimize High-Speed Interfaces
DDR, USB, SD/MMC, LCD, Video, and more.
Digital Signal Processing
Algorithms, Optimizations, and Multicore IPC

Save Time

We do this every day and know the right places to modify, test, debug, and so on. Let us use our expertise to help, using the least amount of time. We will keep you and your team progressing by reducing the time spent in new areas.

Save Money

Based on our expertise, we can get the job done for less total cost. If your budget is constrained, we can work within this budget and make sure we are helping only where needed and can use less time to help guide your team.


We are a team of electrical engineers, computer engineers, and computer scientists. Our team has years of embedded experience at low levels, mid levels, and high levels. We use the right people for the right job and thus are most efficient, saving you time and money.


We are a team of honest individuals who take pride in our reputation, our work, our company, and most of all, our clients. We are always fair and will never charge any fees without it being clear and agreed upon. If you are not happy, neither are we.


Are you starting a new project and need just a little help? Do you have an idea and want to create hardware to further develop your idea? Sometimes this step is the most difficult, but we are ready to make it easy for you and make sure you succeed!


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