Hardware Design and Manufacturing

Hardware Prototyping Services
Early product validation is essential to the success of your project! Signetik's team of electrical engineers, computer engineers, computer scientists, QA engineers, mechanical designers, and technicians can work for you to validate your design and ensure your company's success.

Electronic Circuit Design Services / PCB Design Services
Creating an electronic design that matches the intended environment requires experience. Signetik has that experience to ensure that your electronic design is solid! We utilize the best engineers, PCB designers, and manufacturers to ensure that your PCB design is at the quality needed for your intended application. We have experience with simple MCU designs, RF design, high-end CPU designs, multi-cores, FPGAs, high-speed signaling, and more! Our team of PCB engineers and designers will check every relevant component and supplier option to obtain a well-elaborated BOM. Signetik ensures the board is built with a reduced number of iterations, demonstrates improved electrical and thermal performance, and yields an optimized manufacturing process. Signetik will also recommend or select the best manufacturer for your application.

Enclosure Design Services
Parallel design of a mechanical enclosure is critical to reducing time to marker. Our 3-D modelers have the skills, the tools, and the knowledge to create an enclosure for your future product, which is both ergonomic and functional. Enclosure design is an effort starting from sketching and a 3-D computer model through to 3-D printed prototypes to production-ready samples.

RoHS/CE/UL/FCC Compliant Hardware Design Services
Our hardware design engineers observe the requirements for RoHS/CE/UL/FCC to design hardware that is certifiable to the standards you require. We can design to standard and either guide you through the certification process, or handle it for you in full. Our job is to design your product following the norms and standards of international standards to quality, safety, health so that it passes the tests and certification and to help you achieve this certification to the level that you require.

DSP/FPGA Design Services
High-speed, complex data processing and advanced signal processing is a major strength of Signetik. Whether it is video processing, memory technologies, data transfer, or other complex processing, Signetik can help you with the proper hardware as well as the logic and software to turn your project into reality. Signetik has skills in many areas, including audio/video algorithms, audio/video codecs, high-speed interfaces, wireless and wired modem designs, internal and external high speed interfaces (HDMI, DDR, LVDS, SATA, Ethernet USB, MIPI, CSI-2, PCIe, ...), and more.

Manufacturing Services
Prototype and production manufacturing are the eventual goals of any hardware design. Manufacturing goes hand in hand with the design and development phase and it is important to manufacture prototypes during these phases, as well as to plan and initiate the production manufacturing. All contract manufacturers (CMs) have strengths and weaknesses. Some are good at prototypes, some are good with large PCBs or through-hole parts, some are best on price, while others are better suited for production volume. Signetik works with many local, regional, and foreign contract manufacturers to ensure your product goes to the most suitable one for the job. As we design and develop, we will simultaneously be working with several CMs to ensure you get the right quality for the right price.

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