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IoT System Jumpstart

Bring your IoT idea to reality without getting bogged down in developing necessary infrastructure. Let Signetik help jumpstart your design with all the components to push your data reliably, store it securely, and present it to your web application. We even take care of power management and firmware updates. You design your IP, and we handle the infrastructure.

Your sensors!

Add your sensors to reference PCB, modify firmware to handle your sensors, and you are done! The IoT System Jumpstart platform handles the rest.

Device stack

Full stack for sensor readings and remote control. CoAP based system provides robust data transfer utilizing low bandwidth along with power management for battery life measured in years.

Firmware updates

Firmware update system includes a redundant bootloader as well as a robust transfer protocol. Simply upload firmware images to the data server web app and deploy in a controlled manner.

Device gateway

Reference gateway design that is production ready. No need to develop a gateway just to push your data to the cloud. Take our design, customize it if needed, and take it to production!

Server Stack

Server stack receives incoming CoAP requests storing parsed data in a private cloud database. The stack also handles two-way communication to ensure data is not lost.

Data server

Data server provides a user interface view of the collected data as well as downlink control and firmware management. An API is also supported for use by your custom web application.

Your custom web app!

Build your web app around the Signetik data server API and begin to manage your devices. Design YOUR product and not the network!

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