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SigLRN IoT Long Range Module - LRN-R1

Based on the Semtech® SX1262 and the Nordic® nRF52840, LoRaWAN network, BLE capable, SigLRN is designed for intelligent IoT applications. BLE allows for configuration or relaying data as a gateway. A high-density low-profile connector is capable of interfacing to low-cost sensor boards as well as MCU/MPU systems. Twin connector allows an alternate interface to exiting systems. Sensor boards are available from Signetik or rapidly designed based on freely available reference design files. Ready to use without custom coding.

SigLRN adds LoRa endnode, BLE connectivity to your design in a modular fashion. A single point of contact
and a low profile design allows adding this module to your design with minimal changes. Options for twin
connectors allow for retrofitting into existing systems. SigLRN connector provides various ways to interface
external analog and digital sensors via UART, SPI, I2S, ADC, GPIO, and PWM.
SigLRN is ready for connection, out of the box. Simple commands are used to connect, send data, and close
connections, or the device can be configured for automatic sensor reading and reporting via a cloud-based
web interface. Additional support for AT commands is available to access the modems, create connections,
and monitor status.
SigLRN is IoT ready and communicates securely over TLS/DTLS. The extended temperature ensures robust
performance outdoors.

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