Signal Processing

Our experience includes algorithm design, implementation, and optimization. We can help take algorithms from any source and realize them in a DSP system. We can even help you create a DSP board for your application. We have many years of experience with DSPs spanning over the past 20 years. We have delivered optimized algorithms that are leading edge and have created complex systems that push the envelope of DSP performance.

We have extensive experience with Texas Instruments' DSP family, from fixed-point to floating-point, single-core to multi-core, and low performance to high performance.


  • Texas Instruments' C5000/C6000 families as well as the OMAP and DM series
  • Algorithm design for audio, video, and data acquisition.
  • Optimization using C language using structuring and directives.
  • Assembly language optimization for increased performance.
  • Data acquisition using low-overhead methods such as DMAs
  • DSP peripheral support such as McBSP/McASP/USB/SD/SDHC/Ethernet/Wireless
  • Extensive Matlab experience

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