Board Bring-Up

Bringing up new systems involves learning new chips and peripherals in an unstable and unknown environment. It can be quite troublesome and daunting, especially since it is not something that many companies do very often. At Signetik, we do this all the time and have become extremely efficient, yet thorough. We can help take your boards from assembly line to a stable development environment, often in just a matter of a few weeks. Need help with a new processor or controller? We can even help review schematics and make suggestions based on our experience.

A typical process for both Linux and non-Linux systems would be as follows.

  • You design your schematic.1
  • We Review schematic.
  • You send your schematic to layout and production.1
  • We create a repository based off of a reference design, with a branch for your board.
  • We begin identifying the kernel modifications (new board settings) and driver development.
  • We begin the modifications or guide you through this process.
  • You receive boards and perform initial hardware tests.1
  • You deliver one or two boards to us for development.
  • We begin testing and completing changes on your boards.
  • We deliver firmware to you via access to the git repository and simple instructions to build and load.
  • You validate the code base and can begin application development.
  • We continue wrapping up production ready items such as the ability to re-flash boards, proper start scripting, as needed.
  • We support you as questions or issues arise.

1Signetik can also help with hardware design and prototype manufacturing if you prefer!

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