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Autonomous driving and Machine learning


Coming from the world of Signal Processing, Industrial Control, and IoT, Signetik is well versed in systems involving sensors and actuators. At a fundamental level, the problem of autonomous driving reduces to sensing the environment and actuating the vehicle.

Sensors galore

Since the stakes are high for a self driving car, various sensors are used to accurately determine the state of the vehicle and the surroundings. Sensor fusion is the method of combining data from an array of sensors to determine the position and environment of a vehicle. The data is collected at a high rate and processed in a controlled, closed loop to control the motion of the vehicle.

Signetik has extensive experience in creating hardware that integrates several sensors; gathering and processing data at a high speed from various kinds of sensors used in self driving cars, such as camera, radar, lidar, and GPS/INS.

Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Signetik has experience in image recognition and classification using computer vision algorithms. Use cases such as autonomously reading the surroundings have been implemented and proven.

Machine learning algorithms are used to classify objects in camera image data. We have implemented and proven computer vision algorithms for face, object detection and classification as well as other advanced algorithms.


We also have a platform (optimized hardware and firmware) to add computer vision capabilities to any embedded computer. All processing is local and does not rely on sending huge amounts of data across network to powerful servers. Efficient signal processing followed by computer vision and machine learning algorithms enable detecting people, obstacles, lanes, etc.


Signetik is eager to apply our extensive experience in solving difficult problems to your machine learning and autonomous driving products. We are happy to help inside your existing framework of hardware and firmware or provide a platform to develop your ideas. We take your projects from idea to prototypes to testing and certification to robust real world products.

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