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Uniart automatic hand sanitiser dispenser using SigCell M1-N1

Uniart releases the first automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with Remote Cloud Monitoring designed using Signetik’s Nordic-based SigCell LTE-M Module.

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, UniArt Solutions, a Montreal based start-up, has developed North America’s first automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for high traffic areas with a Remote Cloud Monitoring Platform.

Our primary goal, when developing our remote-control module, was to integrate a very reliable modem with maximum energy efficiency capabilities. We rightfully chose Signetik’s SigCell (M1-N1), for being the best choice in both, in terms of the minimal implementation time into the finished device, and for its technical specifications. Signetik’s module is the lowest in power consumption, the highest in sensitivity, and the strongest in the signal and the stability of operation. Using the modem from Signetik, allowed us to create a very powerful as well as a unique device in its characteristics and capabilities.

Our Remote Cloud Monitoring tools ensure connection to the global network via our own online secure portal from where clients can effortlessly monitor the amount of liquid, battery level, location, and many statistical features, allowing enterprises to efficiently administer resources and maintenance personnel. The Remote Cloud Monitoring Platform automatically notifies managers about timely maintenance. This functionality is extremely important for hospitals, government institutions, schools, and other high-traffic areas, such as COVID-19 test sites for example. Because maintenance of sanitary systems, as well as risk of infection during the maintenance, must be minimized as much as possible. The unprecedented reliability and efficiency of UniArt’s dispensers will also save on the amounts of expensive sanitizing liquid and PPE.

Alex Gubulit, Founder, UniArt Solutions

UniArt’s automatic hand sanitizer dispenser leverages the SigCell, M1-N1, for secure, remote monitoring of liquid levels, power consumption, location, and battery levels from the cloud.

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